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  1. Practically There

    Looking better but I now have 2 nav bars one with a search bar. When i click on a menu item the header goes away.
    also all postings have date/name Don't want date name can of or stay. Inn layout,...
  2. Don't understand, I have under...

    Don't understand, I have under the following "links"
    Welcome --About Me-- aStore-- Q & A -- Welcome (repeat) -- Blog- '>>' '>>'

    If you go into the site ...
  3. Now I am at a COMPLETE LOSS

    I attempted to copy the format of using the drop down menus from (which look fine) to my new site with no success. I went to...
  4. I didn't have WP Super Cache but I do now after...

    I didn't have WP Super Cache but I do now after reading it's a must?? is an add-on domain. I can't get rid of "Home" & duplicate "aStore".

    The current aStore page...
  5. SideBar shows When Template Nosidebar used

    I am trying to use a no sidebar page for my aStore post. Using "no sidebar" or "Sales Page"or Squeeze Page" I still get a side bar?
  6. Read More== Oops! The Page Can Not Be Found!

    I believe the "read more" function came with Socrates. I was checking on seomething and find that when I 'click' on "Red More" I get Oops! The Page Can Not Be Found!.

    Please advise the fix for...
  7. Replies

    2 'Homes' in Nav Bar

    I am using the PixoPoint modified as indicated in a forum thread. I did not have a "Home' page showing in Pages so I made one because I wanted a 'static'. Now my nav bar shows 2 "Home"s
  8. Replies

    Navigation Pages

    I have racked my brain and googled to death today on how to get my posts into the nav bar pages. I have been on Socrates 4 days now and love the flexibility. I have looked at other websites...
  9. Replies

    Problem has Bee resolved


  10. Replies

    Activation Error

    I obtained the unlimited package. I am still getting an error msg and have not yet heard back with a solution from my other 'thread' activation code'

    Activation Error: You have already reached...
  11. Replies

    Thank you, however, the only code there is the...

    Thank you, however, the only code there is the one I got with '30-day trial' which when I enter into Wordpress "Activation Error: You have already reached the maximum number of activations for your...
  12. Replies

    Activation code

    I tried the 30 day trial today, liked it so got the unlimited. What I don't seem to have / find is the activation code for my wordpress. Please advise

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